11 Tips to Know When Buying

Here is a quick checklist you can review when shopping around. Learn more about what you should know before purchasing an engagement ring.

Buying an Engagement Ring?

We have heard the horror stories, too many unfortunately. Read on so you will be equipped when you are in the market for an engagement ring.

1. Deal with a Diamond Specialist

Too many jewellery stores are operated by ‘clerks’ with little or no formal training which leads to a lot of false information being given out. At Engage, all our consultants are certified diamontologists with at least 5 years of hands-on experience crafting jewellery.

2. Buy Your Diamond Loose

Too many things can be ‘hidden’ if the diamond is already set. The true colour of the diamond is difficult to see because the diamond will reflect the colour of the prongs that it is set in. The clarity of a diamond will be difficult to evaluate because some of the diamond’s flaws can be hidden under a claw.

3. View Your Diamond Under a Microscope

You may encounter a jeweller’s loupe (that eyepiece jewellers use) but this tool should be reserved for jewellers only. It takes experience to learn how to use it properly. A gem microscope with a magnification power of at least 10X will give you a true view of your diamond’s clarity.

4. Never Buy From a Store That Grades Their Own Diamonds

You would be surprised how many ‘reputable’ jewellery stores do this. All our engagement rings come with a minimum of 2 independent professional opinions on your center diamond. Grading your own stones is the equivalent of writing your own report card.

5. Look For a Diamond That is Certified by GIA or AGS

Be wary of diamonds certified by ‘Joe’s Laboratory’. A proper diamond will always be accompanied with proper certification. Having a properly certified diamond will eliminate 60% of your problems. GIA and AGS are non-profit institutions with no vested interest to grade stones higher than they are. These labs also do a thorough job of ensuring that a diamond has no artificial enhancements of any kind.

6. Make Sure the Jeweller has a Conflict-Free Diamond Policy

Our conflict-free guarantee is written at the bottom of all our invoices. Who can live with the thought that a human life may have been harmed in the process of mining your diamond?

7. Work with a Direct Diamond Importer

Working with someone who buys direct from the world market translates into better value for you. No need for you to pay for all the middlemen in between.

8. Be Comfortable with the Place You Buy Your Ring

Remember, you will likely bring your fiancée to the place you purchased her engagement ring for regular cleanings, sizings (if they offer that), etc. You want her to feel that you went to a respectable establishment and not somewhere sketchy.

9. Appraisals are for Insurance.. Not a Sales Tool

Jewellery stores often have their finished goods pre-appraised. That in itself is not an issue. It becomes an issue however when they use the ‘appraisal value’ as the sales price. (Appraised Value is always inflated. Commonly by over 200% above the actual sale price.) Beware of those ‘50% OFF’ deals. It is almost always based on the ‘appraised’ price. When is the last time you got 50% off a car?

10. Make Sure Your Engagement Ring Comes with a Comprehensive Warranty

What happens if you damage your ring? What if her finger size changes? We will even restore the original polish of your ring if it goes dull over time.

11. Go With Your Gut

Trust yourself. Don’t let anyone ‘sell’ you or pressure you to buy now. Every diamond is at least a billion years old. An extra week or two is not going to age it.


I would like you to know that I have been extremely happy with Engage

Doug D. The Maritimes

I chose Engage based on a comparison with other websites and testimonials that I read. My first contact was by email, and right away I was impressed by Evelyn Ng who responded quickly, was courteous and very knowledgeable. We spoke by phone a number of times, and met in person for a fairly lengthy consultation. She paid close attention to the specifications I was looking for, and offered good advice without any pressure. I felt that I could take as much time as I wanted. It was a smooth and almost effortless experience, and the end result was a beautiful engagement ring that impressed my girlfriend almost more than it did me. And Evelyn made sure that the ring was delivered to me on short notice, although that required work on her part. All in all, I am very satisfied with my experience with Engage.


My fiancée is over-the-top happy with the ring.

John C. Markham, ON

I would like you to know that I have been extremely happy with Engage and, in particular, with Evelyn Ng. I went to the studio with an idea for a ring. Bubbly and enthusiastic Evelyn showed me samples of what I requested but I realized I didn’t want to go that route after all. Evelyn was very careful to understand what I wanted to accomplish and got me onto path #2. That was almost right but then she suggested one other route. That was it!!! Exactly what I was after. I thought we are almost finished, just select a diamond and we are done. Little did I know that there was so much to consider when selecting the diamond. After a complete education, Evelyn was terrific in getting me to choose the right mix of the 4 C’s which resulted in an affordable and exquisite diamond. She worked hard to get me into the very best solution within my price point. I am very grateful to her.

I then told Evelyn that I planned on getting engaged at the Markham theatre in the middle of a concert (I had a friend in the band). Evelyn was so excited at this and “insisted” that I send her pictures. She was truly happy for me. Although my now fiancé was totally taken by surprise and somewhat dazed on stage, she has now seen the video over and over again.

As you can tell, the whole experience with Evelyn has been amazing. She became my confident (only one other person knew I was going to propose) and she was my special “secret sauce” that allowed me to get exactly the right ring. My fiancée is over-the-top happy with the ring. I think she likes me too.


Felt absolutely zero pressure to purchase anything

Alex K. Toronto, ON

The service at Engage Diamond Studio was excellent, much better than at other places I visited. I was treated with respect. Felt absolutely zero pressure to purchase anything. This was the best shopping experience for an engagement ring. The salespeople were very knowledgeable and informative. I’m a perfectionist, so I came into Engage Diamond Studio with many demands. I chose to get a custom made engagement ring because I wanted the ring to be as unique as the diamond, and now I cannot stop staring at the ring! Everyone raves about how beautiful the ring is and tells my fiancée that they’ve never seen a ring that beautiful. The service was 100% discreet and my girlfriend (now fiancée) had no idea I was planning to propose.


The best part was that the entire purchasing process was enjoyable

Jeff L. Waterloo, ON

When I first began looking for an engagement ring, I shopped online looking at the big franchise jewellery stores for rings that were within my budget.

Unfortunately, I was constantly disappointed, because none of the online stores carried any interesting designs to my liking. I wanted it to be a special ring so that I could propose to my special someone. Who wouldn’t want that?

Then I decided to search for custom-designed rings, just for fun. I anticipated that anything that is “custom-designed” must be really expensive. That was how I came across Engage Diamond Studio’s website.
Unlike other jewellery websites that kept focusing on promoting their expensive products, Engage Diamonds Studio focused a lot on educating people about diamonds (cut, clarity, carat, colour, and etc.) and ring materials.

These were very interesting information, so I just kept on reading and reading and reading. To my surprise, it mentioned how it was actually LESS expensive to have rings custom-made. I decided to pay the store a visit after reading for quite awhile. It doesn’t hurt to just look around, right?

When I first entered the studio, I was greeted by Evelyn with a warm smile. I liked that, because in my experience most salesperson in the jewellery stores at the mall would just ignore me (probably because I looked like I had no money). I didn’t feel pressured or anything while I was at Engage Diamonds, and it was great.

It took some time, but I finally decided on a ring style that I really liked.

The only problem was: it was still well above my budget.
Well… no sweat. Evelyn suggested many alternatives to the ring design that brought down the price, yet still made the ring elegant and special. Evelyn also helped me to pick out the perfect diamond for the ring. It was extremely interesting and helpful to learn everything about diamonds and ring materials from Evelyn, and it made me feel that every dollar was well-spent on what I was getting. Also, when we made some changes to the ring design, I had a hard time visualizing it in my brain, but Evelyn reassured me that it would turn out gorgeous.
I trusted her, and it was a wise decision to do so.

Evelyn was very accommodating as well. I don’t actually live in Toronto, and I had to drive 1.5 hour each time I want to visit the store. I remember that my ring was ready for pick up just 1 day before the proposal day, and my work didn’t end until 5:30pm. I told Evelyn that I wasn’t sure if I could make it to the Studio before closing time due to weather and traffic, and to my surprise, Evelyn was willing to wait for me even after closing hours. I have to mention this because it was a very wonderful thing that she did for me. Much appreciated!

So in the end, I was able to find the ring that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I was able to put a lot of my visions into the ring design, so it’s not just another ring that could be bought anywhere else. My fiancé certainly loved it. The best part was that the entire purchasing process was enjoyable, and I felt that every step of the way I had a competent and thoughtful professional to help me through.
This made a whole world of difference.

Ilham & Enan

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Annalisa & Quinton

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My fiancée is over-the-top happy with the ring.

John C. Markham, ON

I wanted to make sure that I could work with a team that was knowledgeable.

Marc B. Toronto, ON

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