How Custom Can SAVE You Money

The Biggest Misconception

When people visit our store and we first mention that custom saves them money, we often get some eyebrow raises in response. We will address some of the biggest myths regarding this topic and explain how and why custom will in fact save you money.

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Myth # 1: Custom Means More Expensive

This could not be further from the truth. Most jewellery stores have engagement rings already made in their showcase and you have to decide on a style they have in their store. What you may not realize is that there is a carrying cost to holding inventory in store. The longer it sits there without being sold actually means that it costs the store more. Things like the changing price of gold and diamonds, staffing, high costs of rent in malls all increase the price when their inventory just sits there. Of course, these will be hidden costs, but the most cost efficient way to buy jewellery is to order it at the time you are ready to purchase, customized just for you.


Myth #2: Additional Custom Charges Will Apply

Wrong again. At Engage we do not charge any customization fee, because this is our working standard. We specialize in manufacturing custom-made pieces so we do not charge extra for a service that is standard at our store.
When you order your ring customized you decide exactly what you want to spend your budget on. You pick the type of metal you want to have, the size and type of diamond, the number of diamonds and or gemstones, as well as the finger size. All of it will be built according to your specifications. You end up paying for exactly what you want without any extras in there. Cue that scene from Father of the Bride, when Steve Martin has a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store, pulling out the two extra hot dog buns that come in a bag of eight when hot dogs come in a pack of six. You pay for exactly what you order, nothing more!


Myth #3: A Big Budget Is Necessary For Custom

Absolutely not! We work with budgets ranging from $500 up to $500, 000. The average amount spent on an engagement ring in Canada is approximately $3500. This is a personal decision. You decide the amount and we will help you create the ring that fits your needs perfectly. We have the same process for every budget!

There are other reasons why custom is better

  • You can personalize the ring exactly to you or your partner’s tastes.
  • You can incorporate meaningful symbols into the ring. For example, a design that reflects your story or your birthstone.
  • You personalize your coffee; why wouldn’t you personalize your engagement ring? Custom is more personal and you can get the ring exactly the way you want it.
  • No one else will have worn that ring. It will be made just for you!
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